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Engage Holley, the Common Sense Environmentalist, for your next keynote or training focused on the environment or green. Historically, there are four key topics that are requested again and again. Each of these presentations can be given as a keynote (30-90 minutes) or as a workshop (half day or full day).

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Popular keynotes + training topics:

common sense green

Does your audience need a captivating overview of common sense environmental solutions? Full of current green stories this presentation covers eco-principles and approaches for common sense, affordable green solutions for buildings, products and careers. This course can be expanded or contracted from beginner to advanced audiences.   Here are some outcomes you can expect:

  • Strike the balance between being an environmental steward while making a profit
  • Realize easy, affordable solutions to common problems with green buildings and products
  • Inspire your team to action with reasonable eco-principles


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“Her demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter was only surpassed by her ability to connect with the
audience and move them to return to their campuses and immediately begin work on their sustainability
efforts. Her obvious enthusiasm and commitment to the community are contagious.”


Victor R. Clements, The University Financing Foundation



manufacturer motivator: make green work for you

Over the years, several manufacturers have reached out looking for an all-encompassing program that can speak to their management, sales, marketing, technical and customer service teams. In response to those requests, we have developed this presentation to be customized for your product niche. Discover in this course how your product relates to green and how to discuss it with your clients. This presentation can be offered to the entire company with or without individual breakout sessions with specific team members as needed.  Here are some outcomes you can expect:

  • Position ahead of the green building requirements curve
  • Practical approach to telling your green story in concert with understanding the competition’s
  • Galvanize your team (Tech + Sales + Customer Service) to feel confident in eco-discussions


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“Holley was highly recommended by other professionals in the field of Sustainability. Holley was engaging, professional and widely praised for her presentation. We would certainly hire Holley again!”


David May, Wilsonart International



career calling: green building professional

We are all students in life – constantly learning. Green can be integrated into any career. Your audience may be college students in search of their career start line or building practitioners who wants to shift lanes this presentation discusses the process of becoming a green building professional. Holley is the author of the book, Becoming a Green Building Professional recently published by John Wiley & Sons. She shares lessons learned and tools from over 300 interviews discussing pros/cons, education options and where the jobs are.  Here are some outcomes you can expect:

  • Leapfrog your career into the green realm with best tips for interviews and resumes
  • How to transform your current position into an eco-role
  • What you need to know before you get into the green business to determine the best fit


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“Who could forget the inspiring words of Holley Henderson at our mid-year meeting in San Antonio?”


Margo Street, LEED Green Associate, Manager, Community Advancement, U.S.Green Building Council



tips, tricks & land mines in the field of green building certifications

For those who are entrenched in green building certifications such as LEED projects and need higher level insight from a road warrior, this is the presentation for you. With over 4 million square feet of LEED certified spaces globally, this presentation offers inspirational insight from bumps, bruises and lessons learned along the way. Here are some outcomes you can expect:

  • Best practices in communication for an integrative team
  • Common pitfalls and how to navigate over, under, around and through them
  • Detailed plan of attack and handy toolbox for best results


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“You were terrific…and we all appreciate your talent, your intellect and your delightful personality.”


Jerome M. Cooper, FAIA, Chairman, Cooper Carry

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