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Are you committed?

  • To motivating an environmental call to action?
  • To inspiring knowledge of green and confidence in discussing it?
  • To developing people, products or services as they relate to eco-rating systems?
  • To kick-starting sustainability as a career or interview edge?

Holley Henderson, the Common Sense Environmentalist, has smart green solutions balancing environmental stewardship with health + economic results.

Holley implements the “APT” plan with teams in a unique strategy to:


Commit to Active Engagement


Customize Eco-Plan


Create top-notch Eco-Champion’s Tool Belt

“Holley is one of the best, if not the best, industry experts I’ve had the pleasure to have worked with. She has an amazing level of expertise, professionalism and human spirit that keep our clients asking for more.”


Tracy Backus, Director of Sustainable Programs Teknion

Holley is the author of Becoming a Green Building Professional. With nearly 15 years and 4 million square feet of successful green buildings around the world, she brings a wealth of experience.
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